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LeeAnn Lebowitz

Over the years I’ve rescued many cats with health issues. Some cats I’ve kept and some I’ve fostered, and others I helped rehabilitate.

My last cat Piccolo cost a fortune in his life span, he was my absolute best friend for over a decade and saw me through the hardest times in my life. He was known as a “little warrior” amongst his Vet care family and I learned so much from him.


When he passed, however, I swore I wouldn’t get another pet because the pain was unbearable.

That has all changed since seeing Lucky's story online...see below! 


Lucky Needs Our Help

This is Lucky, formally named Jekyll, he fell from a 7-story building shattering his leg and only 4 months old. I learned over the years many people won’t take in a sick or “broken” pet and especially a black cat like Lucky. So the night of his leg amputation I couldn’t help but take him in. Foolishly I thought his getting around would be an issue…but that has turned out to be the least of his problems.


Once the seizures started  I was in unknown territory, and as a cat mom the vet bills started piling up. I just finished paying off the last round of visits. Now he is in a very tough spot and we are facing multiple procedures including surgery. The doctors say if he gets the surgery he should live a prosperous, normal and long life.


The problem is that this situation is a financial burden greater than I can handle myself. Most often I am the person doing the helping, but now Lucky and I are the ones that need help. Please consider donating to Lucky’s overwhelming vet bills and see him through this next healthy chapter waiting for him on the other side. 


Rescuing Special Needs Cats


This is Piccolo, he was my world. Suffered severe strokes over his life span and I gave him daily aspirin starting at 3 years old. He lived to be about 12.


This is 7 her sister passed away from a heart condition at 3 years old. I don’t have her photos with me I find them too sad.


This is Messi she has digestive issues and has needed expensive prescription food her whole life. 

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