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Buddy's Healing Paws

It's a Worthy Cause

Who is Buddy?


Buddy always had a great, great love of adventure. When he was a wee babe of just 12 weeks he was so, so tiny. He was "the runt" of the litter, as they say. Because he was so tiny he couldn't see out of the car windshield, and our first road trips together frightened him. So he would hide under my arm to block out the World. Then as he started growing bigger and bigger (every few days it seemed), he was finally able to sit on the center console right next to me and see outside the windshield. Then he wasn't afraid anymore.

He would smile, and when we arrived at Petco or a dog beach or the dog park he would get super excited!!


We have gone on countless trips together in Los Angeles and long road trips up and down the coast. We have played at countless doggy parks and doggy beaches and have met some truly wonderful doggy pals (Buddy loved EVERYBODY!! Both pup and human) and their Moms and Dads.

We had a life of adventure, and he was always my little Batman, and I was quite happily his Robin.

- Ricky Worthy, Buddy's human.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure all pets have access to life-saving medical procedures, regardless of their owner's financial situation. We strive to provide financial assistance and support to pet owners facing unexpected and costly medical treatments, with the ultimate goal of saving the lives of beloved companion animals.


Through collaboration with compassionate donors, we aim to create a community of caring individuals dedicated to improving the health and well-being of pets in need.

Q&A with the Critter Fixers

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Join us for a Q&A with the Critter Fixers, Dr. Vernard Hodges, and Dr. Terrence Ferguson!


August 8, 2023

9:30 am EST - 10:15 am EST

Got a question about your pet's health, happiness and more? Don't miss this incredible event! 

Custom Pet Portrait

100% of proceeds go to helping our Worthy Cause


  1. Order here:

  2. Email with an image of the pet you want painted and the size you ordered.

  3. Feel good about helping a Worthy cause and knowing you will get an awesome portrait of your fur baby! 

Sizing & Pricing:

8x10 - $30

9x12 - $40

12x12 - $50

14x11 - $60

16x12 - $70

14x18 - $80

18x18 - $90

16x20 - $95

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