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Loki Needs Our Help


Meet Loki, the loyal companion source of joy, and fur baby to Alyssa Alvarez!


Recently, Loki has faced a health challenge that threatens his well-being. He developed a benign lipoma on his back leg, near his knee, and another more concerning lump on his front leg near his wrist. These masses have grown rapidly, causing concern for Loki's mobility and overall health. His veterinarian has emphasized the urgency of removing these masses to prevent further complications and ensure Loki's quality of life.


In addition to the mass removals, the vet has recommended a biopsy on the lump near Loki's wrist to determine its nature and potential risks. This additional procedure is crucial for providing Loki with the best possible care and treatment.


With your support, we can give Loki the treatment he needs to overcome this health challenge and continue to be the amazing dog that he is. Every donation, no matter how small, will make a difference in Loki's journey to recovery.


Together, let's rally around Loki and show him the love and care he deserves. Your generosity will not only help Loki, but it will also enable us to continue our mission of providing care and support to animals in need.



Tino's Pawprints of Hope is an initiative dedicated to supporting pet owners whose beloved animals require emergency surgery to remove dangerous obstructions. This fund, established in loving memory of Tino, a sweet and gentle giant who sadly passed away due to an intestinal obstruction, aims to provide financial aid and hope during difficult times. 


Tino (Mastino/Bear) was not just a pet; he was the cherished companion of Samantha, Rob, and Mia. He brought immense joy and love into their lives. 


The fund is a tribute to Tino's spirit, offering assistance to other pet families. We honor Tino's memory by helping those in need, fostering hope, and keeping his pawprints of love alive.

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