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Save Juneau's Life

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Juneau is a 3-year-old Bernadoodle from Mississippi. He is sweet, good with kids, other dogs, and cats, and is a beautiful pup!


He has recently been diagnosed with Sebaceous Adenitis, a skin condition that requires medicated baths and medication multiple times a month. Other than this skin condition, Juneau is a healthy dog!


Sadly, due to the amount of work that goes into caring for this disease, around 40% of dogs diagnosed are euthanized because their owners do not have the time or resources to care for them.


Right now, Juneau’s owners are facing that very decision to either rehome him or put him down. We at Buddy's Healing Paws cannot stand by and let this sweet fur baby be euthanized because he needs baths and medication. We want to fly him from Mississippi to New York, where he can get the medical attention he needs.


If you can, please donate and help us save Juneau by donating below.


If you can’t donate but know someone who can foster or adopt him

please email

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