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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure all pets have access to life-saving medical procedures, regardless of their owner's financial situation. We strive to provide financial assistance and support to pet owners facing unexpected and costly medical treatments, with the ultimate goal of saving the lives of beloved companion animals.


Through collaboration with compassionate donors, we aim to create a community of caring individuals dedicated to improving the health and well-being of pets in need.

Help us Save Coco's Life!

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About Coco in her human's words:

I adopted Coco almost one year ago from my job. I was on the closing shift when one of my coworkers mentioned something seemed wrong with one of the leopard geckos in the tank. She was very active and alert when I looked at her but you were able to tell something was off about her arms. I told my coworker that I would check on the geckos in the morning to see if she was okay. The following day, when I found her, she went a slight downhill. Still very alert but wasn’t as active as a gecko should be and wouldn’t eat for us. We put her in an isolation tank that morning, but I felt so much regret not doing it sooner. I held her in my hand while they set up the isolation tank because she snuggled into the warmth of it. We speculated that she has a condition called Metabolic Bone Disease. I did not know much about geckos at that point besides the simple basics so I couldn’t confirm it. I wanted to take her to a vet, but my boss at the time said no and told us that we would adopt her to someone who could handle it. After being oblivious and missing how she was in bad condition once, I couldn’t let myself do that again.


After getting permission to adopt her, I crash course everything about leopard geckos/ proper care and quickly gathered all the materials. On October 28th, I brought Coco home. It has been one adventure after another ever since. I’ve quickly had to overcome my fear of insects after learning geckos are insectivores (now I have a pet mealworm beetle and a colony of roaches she refuses to eat). Having her in my life, not to sound a little dramatic, has given me a reason to continue going and not give in to the evil thoughts that soar through my head. I must ensure I stay okay so she can have the healthiest life possible. Knowing I’m coming home to her little smile daily brings me so much joy. I have no idea where I’d be without her. She’s my best friend, and I’m so glad I fell for her.

Medical Information:


A few months ago, I discovered that she was egg-bound. It’s normal for female geckos to have infertile eggs, usually, they lay them with no problem. Due to Cocos MBD, the vet thinks it could’ve messed up some of her insides and now she can not lay the three eggs inside of her. She’s been nonstop bleeding from her vet from trying to lay them and do her business. The eggs are taking up all the room in her body that she’s not eating much and she’s losing weight. Last weekend I had to take her to the emergency vet due to her having a prolapse. Luckily it went back in on its own but due to the blood loss, lack of eating, the prolapse she will need to have surgery to take out these eggs and to be spayed to prevent this from happening again. If I don’t go through with the surgery she will most likely pass away due to being egg-bound if starvation/dehydration doesn’t get her first.

Custom Pet Portrait

100% of proceeds go to helping our Worthy Cause


  1. Order here:

  2. Email with an image of the pet you want painted and the size you ordered.

  3. Feel good about helping a Worthy cause and knowing you will get an awesome portrait of your fur baby! 

Sizing & Pricing:

8x10 - $30

9x12 - $40

12x12 - $50

14x11 - $60

16x12 - $70

14x18 - $80

18x18 - $90

16x20 - $95

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